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How Life’s Major Events Affect Your Credit

Life events and money

Major changes in our lives, including marriages, divorces and the birth of children, can have a profound impact on our credit, and bring about significant financial changes. It is a good idea for every consumer to become familiar with the ways in which credit is affected by these life changing events. Marriages and Divorces Marriage can bring a new financial freedom for the couple, and allow them to pool their resources, but there are additional issues, and new responsibilities as well. One of the most significant changes that can affect your credit is as simple as a name change. It is important to any newly married woman to notify the credit reporting agencies about her new name, otherwise her previous credit history ...

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How is Social Media Good for Your Website Traffic?

social media

You’ve worked hard to build a great website for your online business, and even harder to create amazing content that’ll interest your readers. Sadly, this won’t do you much good, if no one ever sees it. Social media has been around long enough for people to be aware of these networks’ huge importance. Still, not all have yet realized how crucial social interaction actually is for their website’s search-engine friendliness. Higher Search Rank Is the Way to Traffic In the “old” days, webmasters used different techniques to trick the robots into ranking their sites higher in search engine results, creating keyword-rich, overstuffed pages, and generating lowest quality links mostly through link farms. Considering that Google’s 1st position gets 33% of the search traffic ...

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Don’t Let a Career Change Wreck Your 401(k)

Career change wreck

The 401(k) is one of the most valuable retirement planning vehicles around. As traditional pensions become rarer and rarer, more and more employees are being asked to play an active role in planning for their life after work. One of the most difficult parts of this retirement planning comes when employees change jobs. Changing jobs is always an exciting experience. Whether you have found a job with higher pay, better benefits, more responsibility or just a better location, a new job can be a great thing. What is not a great thing, however, is losing part of the 401(k) you have worked so hard for to taxes and penalties. If you do not handle your 401(k) transfer properly, you could end up ...

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Credit Card Debt Relief

Credit card debt

More people than ever are finding themselves saddled with more debt than they can handle. Credit card debt is particularly troublesome because the rates are often much higher than other types of debt such as auto loans or mortgages. Here are 4 steps you can take to get some credit card debt relief. 1. Always make credit card payments on time. Most people already know that making a few late payments can lead to a hike in the interest rate. But did you know that credit card companies can also hike your rate if you pay late for another creditor? It’s true. The financial institution that holds your account is constantly checking your credit report. If they start to see late payments ...

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Children and Allowance – When to Start and How Much

children allowance

Do you know why most people make big financial mistakes like impulsive shopping, poor spending habits or accumulating debt? It’s because they were never taught about personal finance. Schools rarely cover the topic and parents often neglect to teach these concepts to their children. This is a disservice to the youth of today. It is vitally important that you teach your children how to save and spend wisely. By giving them an allowance, you can teach them lessons about money that go far beyond those few dollars a week. These lessons will become ingrained and will last a lifetime. Here are some tips for teaching your children about money with an allowance. When to Start As soon as children can count to ...

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Career Tips: Seeing What Is Not There

Career Tips

I believe that our imagination is our most powerful trait because it leads to SO much.  And, I define creativity is the ability to see what isn’t there.  People with this ability can see the sculpture in the stone and the painting before it’s painted. So what does this have to do with the you? I’m going to gear this post more towards the workplace, but I think it still applies whether you’re talking to your family or watching a TED talk on Youtube. If you’re in a corporate job like me, you sit in meetings, listen to presentations, read spreadsheets or manuals.  What do you think about while doing those things?  Do you listen attentively?  Do you think about what the ...

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Budget Worksheets – Top ten Worksheets to achieve Control of the Finances Right now!

budget worksheet

In the current economy, many individuals are wondering how to gain control from the finances. They have to reduce their own spending and begin living on the budget. Now as part of your, we have to start living inside our means and never spend a lot more than we help to make. Using Budget Worksheets is the initial step to obtain control of the spending as well as improve your money. The top ten worksheets you ought to be using are the following: Worksheet #1 — Income Monitoring Worksheet You should know where you stand financially. Therefore, filling away a earnings tracking worksheet is going to do just which. This is really a worksheet exactly where you place all your income. If ...

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10 Ways to Control your Money

control your money

Ever wonder where all your money goes? Do you think you donate it all away? We all know that we can’t keep track of it all, but we have to start and try somewhere. You can’t get rich by doing this, but you can prevent yourself from being flat broke and possibly homeless. In this post, I will explain how you too can be a savvy saver when it comes to your money. Here are 10 ways to boost your personal budgeting skills. 1. Look out for Clip coupons: These handy sheets will be your ultimate saviour in the long-run. It’s perhaps the most important aspect of your personal budgeting. Tearing those clip coupons will help you save hundreds of dollars from ...

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How to Stay on a Budget

how to budget effectively

A written down budget is a must for those wanting to stay on a budget, stay out of debt or pay down the debt they have. People that do not have a written budget may not be taking full advantage of their money. Write Down your Goals! If you’ve never made your budget and set your monetary goals, that’s okay. It’s never too late to take control of your finances. Write down every bill you have and look at your receipts over the past few weeks. You want to be smart with your money, make it last, and get the biggest bang for your buck. You need to set aside enough money to cover all your bills, buy food and gas, and ...

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Creating a Solid Financial Plan


Every working adult, no matter what their age, should have a solid financial plan to guide them, but few of us get around to building this plan. Every person has different financial priorities, and those priorities change throughout our lives. Regardless of your current age or stage of life, however, the idea of the balanced financial plan remains the same. It is important to see the balanced and solid financial plan as a three legged stool. The image of the three legged stool shows up again and again in financial planning, and for good reason. The three legs of that stool consist of: Budgeting/saving Investing Retirement/estate planning Leg #1 – Budgeting and saving: A realistic budget and savings plan is essential for ...

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