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Define Honcho

Would you like me to define honcho for you?

Honcho comes from the Japanese word. Basically, it means a person who is in charge. In charge of a group of people or a specific project, he/she can be in charge of anything that is in his/her control. Someone who is very determined in what he/she wants in life.

In my case, it’s the ability to have control over my financials and income. I am in charge of it just like I am in charge of managing this blog. If you are a first time reader here, I welcome you! Please stick around and check out some of my posts. You don’t have to be a budgeting geek to read them because these are topics that can also help you in other ways of life.

I like to take things one day at a time. You don’t need to rush through life, it’s too short, take it slow and enjoy it! IF you want something, work for it!

Check out one of my article(Secret Role as CFO) about Steve Jobs and how he took control of a situation and totally turn it around. See if you can apply that in your everyday life:)

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