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Avoid Wasting Money on Unsafe Dating Apps

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There are many dating apps today that promise convenience, cost savings, and an undamaged amour propre. There is no face to face rejection. But as it turns out, dating apps can be unsafe and can cost much more than just a membership fee.

Looks over values

Dating apps turn people turned into a catalog of products for one to flip through. What users find are dozens of profiles that don’t align with their standards and values. Whether these ‘matches’ are good looking or not, meeting them often turns out to be a disappointment.

Stranger danger

Dating apps are unsafe. Users don’t have any means of verifying the background of their matches. It is easy to get with someone who is not who they claim. A fun date with a ‘hot’ stranger from the app can end up badly. One can get into a car with someone who has a history of drunk driving or sexual assault.

Murders and disappearances

Dating online might be convenient, but the risks are great. People have gone on dates with their online matches, never to return home again. In some cases, bodies were found dumped in rivers.

In other cases, the people disappeared forever. Online dating is plagued by inadequate security. Dating apps don’t conduct criminal background checks when registering users

Flings that end in pain

Many men and women sign up for dating apps to find casual sex partners, and those ‘looking for more’ often end up with a broken heart. People on these apps may be married, and some may be in multiple relationships. Others may be there solely to spread sexually transmitted diseases.

Data safety concerns

Many dating apps today have countless security vulnerabilities. These leave the users open to data breaches. Sensitive and personal data may be stolen and misused. On a personal level, there are many questions that a user has to answer when registering for these apps.

These details can be used by cybercriminals to access the user’s bank account and wipe out savings. A data breach that starts from a dating app can also morph into a full ransomware attack at work if one of the employees is signed with the app.

Predators hunt for teens on dating apps

Ideally, teens are only meant to connect with other teens on these apps. But that rarely happens. People lie about their age and history. Dating apps may also fail to enforce safety and security policies. As a result, these apps provide breeding grounds for malicious people that prey on the young.

Scammers and Ponzi schemes

A significant percentage of the photos and profiles on dating apps are fake. These are people that anyone can be lured into chatting with. These could be conmen, swindlers, or money launderers. Unfortunately, when one goes on a date with a person they meet online, there is no way of verifying identity.

Stalkers and crazy ex-boyfriends

Dating apps allow someone to look for matches within a certain radius. It may be easy for stalkers to find the physical address of the persons they are targeting. These stalkers could be crazy ex-boyfriends or people driven by delirious lust and psychopathic behavior.

Cyber-stalkers and cyber-bullies

Savvy stalkers use dating apps as an opportunity to find victims. They monitor, threaten, spam, and harass victims online in many ways. Online stalking and bullying can spread to the social media accounts of a user. It can destroy confidence, self-esteem, friendships, and even careers. The real face behind the cyberstalker could be a school acquaintance or colleague at work. They could use private information to shame, coerce, blackmail, or extort the user. Always be concerned for your health and safety.

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