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Nursing Home Ratings Help Keep Your Elderly Loved Ones Safe

Today, the elderly are empowered to play a significant role in the quality of care they receive through the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) surveys. CAHPS nursing home surveys measure resident satisfaction rates and can be used by family and friends when selecting the best care facilities for their aging loved ones. What is the CAHPS nursing home rating? CAHPS is a data survey tool that tracks the quality of care that patients get in the health sector. CAHP surveys produce data that reflects patients’ overall experience in hospitals or nursing homes. The data from the CAHPS survey is made public by the government. Choosing nursing homes with the highest CAHPS ratings can significantly improve seniors’ safety and quality ...

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Avoid Wasting Money on Unsafe Dating Apps

There are many dating apps today that promise convenience, cost savings, and an undamaged amour propre. There is no face to face rejection. But as it turns out, dating apps can be unsafe and can cost much more than just a membership fee. Looks over values Dating apps turn people turned into a catalog of products for one to flip through. What users find are dozens of profiles that don’t align with their standards and values. Whether these ‘matches’ are good looking or not, meeting them often turns out to be a disappointment. Stranger danger Dating apps are unsafe. Users don’t have any means of verifying the background of their matches. It is easy to get with someone who is not who ...

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6 Apps That Help Uber Riders Stay Safe

Uber claims the company does its best to keep riders safe. The app has features to let a rider share his or her trip information with trusted contacts. Family and friends can find out when their loved one should arrive. But going by the horror stories on the news, these measures are not enough. Uber passengers and drivers are at risk of physical and sexual assault during a trip. A few safety apps have emerged, and they seem to be worth their salt. They help keep Uber riders safe. Here are the 6 apps that help uber riders stay safe: Kitestring Kitestring works on smartphones and feature phones. This app sends SMS to check up on a user at select intervals. If ...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score can hold you back. Your credit score can play a vital role in your life as it plays a big factor in getting credit to make large purchases like cars, homes, appliances, etc. How you handle your credit is reflected in your credit history.  Low credit scores deny you for credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, and more credit. A well-maintained credit score can help you in getting the best rates and most favorable credit. A credit score ranges from 300 to 850. The goal for any credit holder should be to have a score above 760. The idea behind maintaining a high score is, it tells lenders that you have managed debt well before. The credit score is calculated ...

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