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Welcome to my little slice of the internet here at Income Honcho. I am in no way a financial expert, these posts are solely my opinions and expressions. They are there to help you be better informed, learn some new things, and provide tips to your life and finances and be a better you. I enjoy helping others because it just feels good to be able to change somebody’s life no matter how big or small of an impact I make.

The purpose of this site is to help people improve their lives by providing tips and resources for making extra money, saving money, and getting out of debt.

I remember when I was growing up, money was always a concern for my family. Now don’t get me wrong…we always had a roof over our heads, a meal on the table, and enough toys to keep us occupied.

But it was always a struggle. My mother and father worked a lot of hours so they could provide for me and my sisters. Looking back, I’m not sure how they managed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Contact form and send me a line or two and I will get back at you!