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6 Apps That Help Uber Riders Stay Safe

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Uber claims the company does its best to keep riders safe. The app has features to let a rider share his or her trip information with trusted contacts. Family and friends can find out when their loved one should arrive.

But going by the horror stories on the news, these measures are not enough. Uber passengers and drivers are at risk of physical and sexual assault during a trip. A few safety apps have emerged, and they seem to be worth their salt. They help keep Uber riders safe. Here are the 6 apps that help uber riders stay safe:


Kitestring works on smartphones and feature phones. This app sends SMS to check up on a user at select intervals. If the user doesn’t respond to the message, Kitestring alerts his or her designated emergency contacts.

Kitestring is arguably one of the easiest to use safety apps when riding on Uber. One isn’t required to download or update anything. The app doesn’t need an internet connection, either.


SafeTrek is similar to Kitestring, except that it is limited to smartphones and it works a little differently. Users don’t need to send or respond to an SMS. Instead, if riders feel unsafe—such as when a driver keeps swerving recklessly—they simply open the app, press, and hold on the emergency button.

If the danger passes, the user can release and enter his or her PIN. If the threat persists and the incident leads to a car crash, failing to enter the PIN automatically alerts the police and emergency responders located close by.


Guardly works even when there is a poor cellphone signal. It can connect Uber drivers or passengers to the company’s security operations in a whim. When a user launches the app, it automatically starts transmitting the location information to 911 and other security apparatuses.

The app is often used in learning institutions as a student’s emergency panic button. It can work just as effectively on the go, and it ensures family, friends, medics, and the police are alerted fast to emergencies during an Uber ride.

LINE Messenger

Line Messenger helps users stay connected with family and friends. Uber riders that use the app may get timely help when they need it to escape personal injuries. Users can send free instant messages and make free calls at any time of day. The app’s functions can help thwart incidences of rape or physical assault during Uber rides.

The app was launched following the 2011 tsunami that left Japan in the dark. The country’s phone communication systems got severely damaged in the incident and people had no way of finding or staying connected to their loved ones. LINE Messenger entered the picture and proved useful.


Life360 also helps with safety and peace of mind. The app lets families set up a private network so they can keep in touch.

With the touch of a button, people using Uber can let their family know where they are. The app works with or without a mobile phone network.

It sends location data and panic alerts to close contacts at all times. Parents can track the Uber journeys if their child to and from work or school. They can use the Driver Safety feature to monitor car speed and other Uber driver habits on the road. Life 360 is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows phones.

Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button is among the most well-rounded safety and emergency apps. The SOS app has one red button. When a user presses this button, it sends GPS coordinates and Google maps to pre-specified close contacts via SMS or email. It can post these emergency details on social media as well. Uber riders can use the Red Panic Button as an alternative to the previously discussed apps.

There are so many unsafe situations that could arise during an Uber ride. The right app provides immediate help in the hour of need.

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