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Having a Money Saving Plan

There was a generation or two that retired at 65 or even earlier and had enough money saved to take cruises and do other interesting things. That is not the present generation of working people. Social security is scheduled to run out all too soon and in the recent financial troubles, many people have lost money in their 401k retirement accounts. Unfortunately, the generation that is scheduled to run out of social security is the generation that has lived on credit and has not saved much money. To top it off, this is the generation that is likely to owe more on the house than it is worth. What a mess! One of the reasons we have lived on credit is that ...

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Steve Jobs Income and Secret Role as CFO

I’m reading a book called Great by Choice by Jim Collins.  Like his past books like Good to Great and Built to Last, Jim explores what works and what doesn’t in business. It’s a great book and I’ll write about it more once I’m finished but one thing that stuck out to me is its summary of the financial changes Steve Jobs made when he went back to work at Apple in 1997. “They cut perks, stopped funding the corporate sabbatical program, improved operating efficiency, lowered overall cost structure, and got people focused on the intense “work all day and all of the night” ethos that’d characterized Apple in its early years.  Overhead costs fell.  The cash-to-current-liabilities ratio doubled and then tripled.  ...

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Getting Rich is Really Boring

Okay, maybe getting rich isn’t boring but I was trying to think of a catchy title and that’s all my little brain could come up with. What is my Point? The point of this post is that I’m a firm believer in the immense power of small, intentional actions performed over a long period of time. Hopefully the little rituals and habits in our financial life will build towards a life of wealth that will allow us to “live like no one else” (Dave Ramsey quote). For instance, I know that I have to do 5 things to have a wonderful day no matter what happens. Get up early (approx 5am) Work out (preferably early) Read a book pray or read my ...

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Understanding the Process of Making Money Online

Before you get started, it is very important to understand all the basics and the whole process of what you’re doing. You need to understand how you earn your money and where it comes from. I will now teach you the way I personally make my online income in a simple step-by-step explanation so it’s understandable for anyone. If you got any questions, please comment below this post and I will do my best to answer. Keep in mind that this is not the only way to make money online, but it’s what I personally consider to be the best. You never risk anything yourself, and you never rip anyone off. I focus on satisfied customers and a clean conscience rather than ...

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7 Tips to Keep Motivation High While Running Your Own Business

high motivation

Success doesn’t come easily to everyone. We would all want this not to be true, particularly because of the tough economy we live in; but it is true, and now even more than before. While keeping higher levels of motivation is rarely an issue if your online business is flourishing, your personal drive can certainly take a hit when you experience setbacks or feel like you’re in a slump. Lack of motivation can seriously undermine your confidence, and hurt your business’ success potential, up to a point where you will soon be giving up on your venture before even having a chance to fully experience the success you aspire for. Did you know that: 7 out of 10 new firms survive at least ...

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